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Creating a better way to capture great content


The prevalence of video calling has skyrocketed since COVID-19 struck globally in 2020, and with it, a new market has emerged: asynchronous video. However, with nimble competitors taking a foothold in various aspects of technology and larger players coming in with big budgets and engineering teams, carving out a unique role in the space wouldn’t be easy. Our client recruited UntilNow to help them do exactly that: to change the game of on-demand video messaging. In addition to a bold ‘in’, the client needed a runway for ambitious growth. Using a mix of design thinking, desktop research, and owned and publicly available data, we formulated solutions for the client that were met with approval from their seasoned VC team in Boston and designed key sequences in their video recording experience.

Our roles

Brand Strategy
User Experience
User Interface design
Animation & GIFs
Brand storytelling


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in Top 50 Australian Start-ups (Daily Telegraph 2022)


Increase Testimonials Recorded
Refine the Core Product Experience
Vouch empowers people to collect compelling content. They believe your best spokesperson is your very own customer. To cut through the noise and get to the authenticity, Vouch needed to give users the freedom to express themselves on their terms. At the same time, the process had to be easy, quick, and intuitive.
We worked closely with the founding team to redesign the recording experience, considering a multitude of use cases - not just testimonials - to create a simple way to capture real content at scale.
Positioning Strategy and Communications
We researched the market, examined existing Vouch user feedback, and worked with the founding team directly in a series of workshops to uncover a strategic platform that would allow Vouch to effectively build a moat around the brand.
Supported by Vouch’s VC team, the platform helped frame ongoing communications. Through an extensive and collaborative relationship, as well as intimate product knowledge, we were able to deliver a wide variety of assets to help communicate Vouch to the world. These included animated explainer videos, GIFs, UI Graphics, and playful brand touches—all concepted, scripted, storyboarded, and developed through UntilNow. Our relationship with the client is ongoing as we continue to support Vouch’s proactive and agile growth.
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