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Taking the hard work out of team work.


Pivoting and repositioning is par for the course when it comes to start-ups. The Mintable had reached one such inflection point in its journey. With two ambitious founders, a funding round led by Blackbird and a year of incredible insights under their belt, the team were ready to re-examine their core purpose, fine-tune their focus and go full steam ahead on a rebrand. We jumped at the opportunity!

Our roles

Brand Strategy
Brand guidelines
Brand platform
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Creating a stable platform
Through our research we compiled a broad and deep view of the landscape. It’s often overwhelming to consider the vast amount of tools, training and interactions that today’s desk workers have to balance, not to mention the cultural push for high performance in teams. We ran interviews and workshops, uncovering insights from the founders’ extensive experience as well as deep discussions with staff from Blackbird, customers and Product mentors.
It was evident that the brand’s focus was on organisational relationships and not just management, however it also needed further differentiation from the plethora of HRIS, training and other team-centric products. The strategy phase crafted a purpose anchored in truth, with defensible brand pillars and then shaped the expression of that in a bold personality that was at once optimistic yet structured and action-oriented.
Working in Tandem
With the purpose defined and the personality almost tangible, we set to work on naming. The brand needed something universally understood, simple and energetic. To really hit the high notes, we wanted the brand to echo it’s purpose-led approach. After countless workshops and brainstorms, Tandem was born. Strong, simple and reflective of the interaction between parties.
Visualising the potential
With a purpose-led position and a powerful name, Tandem was ready to express itself. Through multiple logo and wordmark iterations we arrive at a bold, personality-filled wordmark. A simple, yet distinct cross-stroke on the ‘t’ signalled growth up and to the right.
The graphic device was born from two intersecting circles, the outlines with a custom dash stroke to invoke a sense of momentum. The colour palette embraced a refreshing change from the teals and ‘blurples’ in the space, with tangerine and peach playing a role to warm things up.
The only thing left was to stretch our thinking and see how the brand would work - in the workplace and beyond.
Now armed with a fine-tuned brand position, an exciting new name and completely revised visual identity, Tandem is ready to revolutionise relationships in the workplace.
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