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The team at Sven had set their sights on a unique conundrum. An opportunity exists at the nexus of travellers and students seeking work and those that hire them. Travellers, in particular backpackers, are often new to the country, here for a short time frame and unfamiliar with the options available. For students, the battle is with schedules that change each semester. For job providers this can be a minefield with poor communication and time wasted in interviews and advertising. Sven sought to solve this problem and the team at UntilNow were ready, with an exciting brand that spoke to both sides of the marketplace and a product designed to streamline job placement for all.

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"I can only say good things about UntilNow. They are very efficient and have strong expertise in their field. We won't hesitate to recommend their services to startups, scale ups and corporates."
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The problem space
Finding a job when one is young is hard at the best of times, let alone in a foreign country or whilst studying. Apart from navigating the local market, you might not know what kind of work is available, where it’s located and what’s involved in applying. Also you might not know all variety of local classifieds, from community boards to job sites. However for this younger generation one thing was in their domain of expertise - technology. On the other side we have those that hire young, mobile people. In Australia these jobs can be diverse in both location as well as industry. From fruit picking to cafes and from start-ups to nightclubs- the list is eclectic. Each share in the common problem of filtering applications, advertising on Facebook and running multiple interview sessions - all of which culminates in a lot of time spent on recruitment.
We were tasked to create a brand that was at once digitally native, youthful and yet attractive to both the job seeker and the job provider. In addition to this, we needed to create a product that seamlessly matched both parties in a fast and frictionless process.
Solidifying the brand and potential opportunity
With a catchy name already in the bag, we designed a lively wordmark to support it. Combined from 2 typefaces, the brand is built off of the idea of work meets play. Fresh colourways were developed and a series of interesting graphic devices allowed for imagery to be pulled through.
When it came to the product, we centred on the hospitality industry to keep things in focus. With its flexible hours, casual staffing and straightforward entry requirements it was perfect. To reduce the friction in the process, Sven was unique in it’s proposition - create a marketplace of high quality candidates, pre-vetted and ready to go. With this, the job provider could add their job details and Sven would match them automatically with staff that were experienced and ideal for their particular role. The UX needed to be seamless from both ends, facilitating a smooth connection between the parties.
We began by spending 3 weeks purely focused on talking to young people and business owners ranging from uni students, backpackers, small business owners, winery staff, high-end restaurant owners and more. Once we had better understood their key problems from both sides of the marketplace, we began to map out the current user journey, plotting all the identified pain points and frustrations. This helped us identify exactly where Sven could step in and radically change the current experience, for the better.
The Sven Jobs marketplace
With a strong, flexible brand designed we were able to start rolling out the identity into the digital space. We began by designing social templates, email signatures, animations and a brand website to capture early interest in the product.
Through constant testing, prototyping and customer interviews the Sven jobs product came to life. A two-sided marketplace that spoke directly to the pains and frustrations of finding experienced, last minute employees or work opportunities. With a complex and smart matching system under the surface, workers can be sure they’ll be matched with businesses that fit their availability and preferences. Additionally, employers can have the confidence that the Sven worker will be trustworthy and have the relevant experience.
The app is focused on transforming a laborious and tedious process into something fun, instant and rewarding. Workers swipe up on jobs, select their shift and confirm, and they are matched! All in under 30 seconds.
Sven is determined to change the way people work and play. And they’re not done yet. Watch this space...
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