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Simplifying sustainability for SMEs


Pathzero recognised that when it comes to capturing a business’s carbon footprint, small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) often fall through the net. Their team was determined to fill this gap by creating an intuitive platform to collect and communicate corporate carbon data. We were invited to refresh and evolve their product. It needed to guide users through the process of offsetting their carbon output. But more than this, it needed to promote a feeling of pride and value in the user, celebrating them for demonstrating climate leadership and investing in the planet. To support this, they needed a brand identity that could quickly assert itself without falling victim to trends in the space. Something that reinforced the mission and supported greater communication.

Our roles

Brand identity
User Interface design
Website design
User Experience


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From idea to validation


Growth in 2 years


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Our team worked alongside Pathzero to create a brand that was fresh, recognisable, and inclusive. We wanted the visual identity to represent the simplicity and accessibility of the service they provided to all enterprises, no matter their size. Custom illustrations helped communicate complex relationships.
Product Design
The sustainability space is ever-evolving. We absorbed as much as we could about the industry from Pathzero’s team of experts before beginning any initial designs or wireframes. We continually tested our assumptions to ensure we were designing for the needs of their current and future users. We designed a product that would provide the full suite of online tools and access to on-demand experts for businesses to measure, reduce, offset, and publicly disclose their carbon emissions. We created individual company pages that collected all of the information and results. This became a way for SMEs to communicate the impact that they had using Pathzero.
We wanted to provide Pathzero with a sense of scalability and consistency for future growth. Using the Atomic design framework, which builds upon individual essential components, or atoms, to make the SaaS platform even more intuitive, the design system created a visual language that carried through all brand pages and provided consistency throughout the product onboarding flow and user dashboard. We designed a unique feature - Climate Action Reports. Users could specify their desired offset targets and work towards goals. Reports would be automatically updated and generated.
Grow iterations
A review of the original onboarding experience highlighted some easy fixes and some other areas where we could make large gains. We designed an intuitive and painfree onboarding experience, making it fun and easy to do in just a few steps. Through warm, encouraging UX writing we helped guide the user and with a variety of interactive elements, users were engaged in setting their goals.
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