Case study


Community within arm’s reach; developing Mirvac’s first app for build-to-rent residents


To Mirvac, the build-to-rent model is about creating a lifestyle and community that offers a enhanced opportunity for those seeking an alternative residential option. Mirvac engaged UntilNow to discover how they could bridge the digital and physical environment, creating more value for their residents through convenience and community.

Our roles

Innovation strategy
Idea validation
Product design
App development


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Unpacking the build-to-rent experience
Unlike traditional residential, the build-to-rent model relies upon features such as shared spaces, strong community engagement and a highly attentive services (such as dog grooming days!). Mirvac were excited about the opportunity to turbocharge the experience for residents, by integrating a powerful app into their daily life.
We begun by mapping out the build-to-rent user journey from end-to-end and then conducted market research to validate the audience need for the digital services we were building. We completed diary studies, qualitative interviews and large-scale surveys.
One destination to call home
With the initial research complete, we collated our insights and patterns which were then translated into prototypes. User testing was undertaken to mimic everyday, realistic interactions and genuine reactions. We then followed a sprint-based approach to rapidly build and deploy a fully-functioning app.
Tweaks and adjustments were made to everything from font size to illustrations. Interactions were scrutinized and layouts were optimised.
Going live with LIV
The entire project was delivered in just 9 months. From briefing to delivery, we had worked closely with the team and residents to craft a completely custom application that offered a unique, powerful experience for build-to-rent residents. At the end of the project, we transitioned everything across to the Mirvac team, enabling continuous development and improvement as they grow the build-to-rent space further in Australia.
More Work
Roll Out
Brand, Digital product