4 reasons why Webflow has been our go-to tool

4 reasons why Webflow has been our go-to tool to build and scale successful businesses

Ben Smith
November 16, 2023
5 min read

What is so good about this web design tool that has users like us writing up its praise without being sponsored to do so? Read on and find out.

At UntilNow, our commitment to delivering rapid results for a diverse range of clients, across various growth stages, forces us to adapt to their unique worlds. To achieve this efficiently, our choice of design and development tools plays a critical role.

New brands need to constantly evolve their online presence during the initial phases of scaling their business and selecting the right resources upfront can significantly influence time and financial savings. We want to see our clients grow quickly and take on tools and processes that can support them over time. The last thing anyone wants to do is upskill on a product only to hit roadblocks with it, cancel the subscription and retrain on something else. Ain’t nobody got time for that! So it’s not without the battle scars and proven experience in the startup world that UntilNow is really hyped on Webflow as the all-in-one solution for web design, development, and hosting.

Let’s dive in to the top reasons why we love it:

⚡️ We build quicker

In new business ventures, balancing the trio of cost, speed, and quality is paramount. Webflow facilitates swift builds without compromising on customisation or design excellence. “How so?” we hear you ask:

  • We can visually draft code and instantly observe modifications. For many of our team members, this visual platform is the best way to operate, even for those who are ‘tech-forward’.
  • We can present a live preview site, apply immediate alterations and hasten the review process. This means we can hit up clients through slack, demo the changes and keep moving.
  • Collective effort is made easy with multiple hands on deck, simultaneously. One person might be designing while another adds content, eliminating bottlenecks. Everyone from team designers right through to clients can contribute without delays from engineering reviews.

All of this means we’ve managed to conceptualize, develop, and deploy landing pages in mere days, reserving more time and brain power for complex tasks or craft-driven work.

👌 Design-centric approach

You might wonder, “Isn’t Webflow just another site builder like Wix or Squarespace?” While these platforms do offer speedy, user-friendly templates, we feel they can sometimes restrict the ability to look truly unique. Webflow, on the other hand offers our creative team unparalleled control, enabling us to bring static designs to life while steering clear of generic appearances. Some key features that drive this are:

  • Webflow feels and functions like many of our design tools, meaning what we plot out takes shape in real-time. This intuitive approach enables us to make on-the-fly adjustments without the hassle of rewriting code. With Webflow, what you design is what you get.
  • For those who know their code, the good news is that Webflow doesn’t restrict the potential. You can dive deep into custom code to tweak and personalize as needed.
  • Webflow has recently introduced support for Variables, allowing you to store size, colour and fonts within the platform. This is great for us because our team use Figma a lot and for those familiar with Styles in Figma, you know just how powerful this can be.
  • Webflow also has a simple and intuitive approach to creating interaction animations. This tool equips our designers to craft bespoke interactions, ranging from subtle hover effects to dynamic content loading.

🏎️ Stellar functionality

To cap off being fast and design-led, Webflow also packs a punch with class-leading functionality and features. We’ve found that it covers the basics really well yet still provides scope for growth and tailoring to our clients’ needs. Some of our favourite things include:

  • Webflows security features are top-notch, boasting features like SOC 2 Type II certification, default SSL, consistent security assessments, dual-factor authentication, and granular password protection. They all come standard and work hassle-free.
  • It’s backed by powerhouses like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Fastly (CDN), guaranteeing swift load times sans the usual hosting concerns.
  • Webflow offers a plethora of third-party plug-in and applications ensuring our clients can maintain a cohesive digital ecosystem without the hassle of manual integrations and upkeep.

🤝 Client friendly for the future

Finally, we love to see our clients scale and that often means helping them take the reins on things as they hire staff over time. Thankfully we don’t have to grit our teeth when the time comes to supply the client with access and controls to their site. We particularly like:

  • Hosting is backed up and allows versioning, so any changes the client makes (and potentially regrets!) can be quickly restored.
  • A user-friendly CMS ensures a seamless handover process. Our clients can easily tweak content, often with design templates or branded materials we’ve provided for them, without needing to call us.
  • Intuitive localisation means that once we’ve done the groundwork on the brand and the main website, the client can add different locales for the markets they expand to, all from the comfort of their own home country.

Our Webflow Creations:

After running through our top features, it only makes sense to share some of our recent Webflow projects:

  • Hupe — a Human performance program
  • Alternaleaf — Australia’s largest medicinal cannabis company
  • Compono — a revolutionary HR platform, and
  • You guessed it, UntilNow too!

Evidently, we’re ardent Webflow enthusiasts (and no, we aren’t sponsored!). In our view, the buzz is justified. It’s played a key role in many of our successful venture launches and reduced market entry time for our clients substantially. By harnessing Webflow for marketing site development, our tech teams can allocate their expertise more effectively, focusing on sculpting outstanding digital solutions.

Keen on a Webflow website crafted by UntilNow? Reach out!

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